Parkview's investment style is both fundamental and research-driven.  Its investment approach is conceptual and top-down in nature, seeking to capitalize upon broad trends that will affect the 12-24 month returns of major global asset classes.


Parkview's investment process begins with the determination of each investment mandate (taking into consideration income requirements, return expectations and risk tolerance) and the resulting development of a customized asset allocation model.  Macroeconomic forecasting leads to quantifying the portfolio's potential investment return under a variety of scenarios, with resulting tactical reallocation decisions taken, as deemed warranted, based upon a nearer-term, 6-12 month performance horizon.  Asset classes are populated by actively managed portfolios, investment funds or ETF's.


Investment results are monitored closely.  Performance attribution is measured vs. relevant benchmarks for the portfolio's overall return; allocation decisions taken; performance by asset class; and individual manager performance.